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Professional service, great quality & unbeatable service since 1983. Check out the services we now offer. 

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Hurricane Michael Customer Portal

Click here to track the progress of you project. 

We have created this site to allow to find out thing like how is my project going, did my service personnel have to cancel, when are the expected to return.  We want you to stay informed about you job as much as possible, but with 100's of jobs big and small even with just a few phone calls it ties us our communication lines very quickly.   

Now don't get us wrong this is just a plat form that allow us to get information to you.  If you have a really important question by all means please call us.  

Hurricane Ian Customer Portal

Use your password to check on you job.  The portal works great to track your job without having to reach out to our office, giving our personal more time to handle the most pressing issues. Progress reports will be updated as things come online.  


Serving residential clients in the Florida and Georgia area for over 40+ years. No project is too big or too small.


Vast experience in commercial construction and renovation of many different types of buildings.

Our Projects

If you need assistance getting you power restored after Hurricane Michael please email your request and we will be in touch with you.

What our customers are saying

Many thanks for the good work, steady progress, and communication.  The professional teams that AHR Services brings to the table not only professional but very considerate of your situation.  The men and women with this company will get you through the tough times.  

Hats off  to Chuck and his whole team!

Retired Lt. Col US Airforce "Goat"

Trust Us To Tackle Your Next Problem or Project

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