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We hope this will help keep you in the loop through this difficult time.

Our project Blog

An ongoing series of informational entries


November 29, 2019

Began packing process, should began the demolition next week.

Your roof is complete and all additional work is now completed.  Thank you!


November 29, 2019

Working on insurance report finding many discrepancies.  

Your roof looks great and all demo is complete!  Thank you for your business.


November 29, 2019

We are waiting for insurance report. 

Your project came out very nice and we thank you for you business.


November 29, 2019

Working with the insurance company. We are working on the plans and new layout. Reviewing the estimate for insurance company. 

Your project is now completed.  Looks great thanks!


November 29, 2019

Working with insurance company, moving is being planned for next week and demolition will begin next week. Your roof is looking good! Congrats

All work is now completed and we thank you for your business!


November 29, 2019

Demolition went well this week and clean will begin this next week!  

All work is now completed, and we thank you for you work.


November 29, 2019

Preparations are being made to begin hanging sheet rock and insulation.  A few more details to work out with the insurance company and we will schedule a start date.  The roof is finished and looks great.    

While you were away in Germany we rebuilt the entire home and we are happy to 

say your home is completed!  Thank you for your business.  Great to work with

you and your husband!

Insurance claims update.  Things are looking up!!!

November 8, 2018

Things are looking up.  Last week was very frustrating to say the least.  No answer to questions, no call back.  To fix that problem many of your adjusters have been reassigned and workloads are lighter making for better response times. We have been able to get reports that by now everyone knows they need to the repairs to move forward.  We have been writing RFI and getting great response times.  Hope the blogs help with answering questions you may have.

Insurance companies are continuing to put up roadblocks on some claims.

We have now completed 72 claims and projects for Hurricane Michael.  

Insurance claims slow going? 

November 3, 2018

This is the order of operations for your insurance claim.

1. Field adjuster pays your property a visit and does a report on what he or she sees as damage.

2.Then they give you a copy of what they think it will take to fix the property.

3. We will request a copy of the report so we can make sure that the items they are willing to pay for and the price they want to pay are consistent with ours.  It is usually low but the price is always negotiated and once agreed upon then those items are address and only those items.  

4. If additional item are found as problematic. Then we write a report that includes the cost and reason we think they should pay for the repair.  We once again negotiate the cost and once approved we handle getting the repairs completed.  If we need outside services i.e.. engineering or anything else we hire this services as part of our estimate to completed your job.

That is how it is done period.

Now over the last week I am getting some very disturbing reports that insurance companies are putting it off on companies to create contract and proposals to give to customers as if this is some kind of a shopping experience.  It just does not work this way.  They have software that creates estimates in minutes after inputting the data.  We are not in the business of helping insurance companies shop for estimates and we do not have time to run around handing out bids to have insurance waste your time and ours trying to pit one company against another..

Now not all companies are using this negligent practice many of them are doing a great job and we have been able to complete many projects already.  We will be posting our success stories this week.  

Why you ask are the negligent, well making homeowners and renters stay in deswellings with mold, no water, roofs, electric is negligent in my book.  

The good news is we are working folks through this difficult time as quickly as possible.   

Our Latest Blog Entry

November 1, 2018

For those of you who have not heard Chuck was hit by a drunk driver at 7:30 pm Thursday night.  He is banged up and had to go to TMH after having some complications on Friday.  He is doing great and wants everyone to no that he will be back to work on Monday.  If your work is scheduled it will not change unless weather or other thing outside our control comes up.


Our Latest Blog Entry

October 29,2018

We had three teams headed to different locations and were unable to reach our destinations.  If you were scheduled today you will be on tomorrows schedule.  This is just what we are all going through.  The portal has only been up for a day and we are working to get all jobs listed.  As work loads increase and more project managers come on line this will help everyone.  Thank you for your patience.   

Our Latest Blog Entry

October 28,2018

Adjuster has not may it out to the property, waiting on insurance,ds 

Our Latest Blog Entry

October 28,2018

Phone conference with adjuster October 29,2018.

Waiting on adjuster to provide us with estimate and work order.

Our Latest Blog Entry

October 28,2018

St. George Island pending site survey.  

Glad to say your home is complete and Happy Holidays!!!

Our Latest Blog Entry

November 29, 2019

Unable to complete the work,  stop work was placed because the chain of custody has been broken.  If we do not know who is coming or going on the project we do not want to get involved.  I letter is being sent to the home owner further explain our position. Also payment has not been received for tarping and insurance information was never received for billing.  

Our First Blog Entry

October 28, 2018

Electrical repairs October 29 2018

Rescheduled for October 30, 2018

Completed!! Working through roofing property now.  Project completed!!

Your home is now complete and the move in party can now start!! Congratulations!

You were number 72!! and we can say by to Michael.  

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