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Our Residential Services

We are a full service project management service. There is no job too small or too large for us to tackle. When you need repairs after a storm please call us we can help.

Moving Help

With moving help packing and loading is a snap.  We bring you packing supplies.  You pack or we pack.  Then the truck arrives and we load.  That's right we do all the back breaking loading for you.

Moving Services

After we pack and load just call and we will drive it or you can drive it where ever your new home is.  Now that what we call AHR Service! Uhaul authorized dealer.

Monthly Storage

We offer monthly storage services with our u-box system.

House Cleaning after construction projects

Cleaning up after a major project is the healthiest thing you can do for your family, and others.  Let us take the worry out of the dreaded project clean up.

Landscaping and yard clean up.

After a storm your pride and joy isn't looking so great and it is quite overwhelming.  So let  us help you straighten up a bit.  It will make the road to recovery a little bit better. Now building water features such as small fish ponds and water falls, we have also been the leading company building Tiki huts since 1982.

Light / Medium Demolition Specialist 

Bobcat and Track-Hoe, 10,000 dump trailers, good for small buildings, interior removal etc. small rock, sand, dirt delivery!

Lighting, switches, outlets installations

Is your switch making noises like cracking or popping. Or maybe your lights are dimming.  Maybe you need a new meter can or weather head.  Maybe you don't know what you need, then you need to call us.  We will be there to help.

Kitchens and Baths

Let us check those walls that adjusters often don't.  Behind kitchen cabinets, bathroom tile walls.  I haven't heard a good explanation of why this always gets over looked all though we have a few ideas. 

Foundation Repairs 

Florida has many beautiful homes and is also home to many disasters the can cause problems for you home.  Sinkholes, hurricanes, are just a few things that can shift foundations.  Please let us assess your home before you do any major repairs.

We offer a life time "transferable warrantee.  The best in the business...

Roof Repairs by Atlantic Roofing

Wind, rain, hail are all hazards of many storms and a proper assessment and replacement are the only way to assure you will not have problems in the future. 

Drywall Repair

It is pretty funny that the icon for drywall repair is a person in a dust mask.  Well it is true that drywall is messy but, we take every precaution to making it less a mess.  With drop cloths, zip curtains, ventilation, vacuums.  

Mold and other nasty things

It is always great to get your place clean up as quickly as possible, but that doesn't mean you don't need to test your home, office, or rental property for your protection and others.

We will take samples at first contact, during the rehab process, and after the property is turned back over to you.  We work with many insurance companies directly, independent adjusters, government agencies', healthcare facilities and more.  All you have to do is call us or write us.  

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